Charcoal and Pastel 13″ X 18.5″ ©2016 Jennifer Newyear

Over 200 regional artists, including Kathleen Shipman Harrington, Craig Staufer, and I, have paintings in the The Bath Church, United Church Of Christ “17th Annual Epiphany Arts Festival”. Celebrate the joy artists bring into our lives! This Saturday, Jan 16th, 2016 is the reception from 2 – 5. Show runs Jan 16 – Feb 14. Hours are Weds 1-4, Thurs 7-9, Sat 10-3, and Sun 12-3. 3980 W. Bath Rd, Akron, OH 44333.


©2016 Jennifer Newyear

“Winter Willow”

11″ x 14″

Charcoal and white oil paint on canvas

The charcoal used in this piece I made from twigs gathered on site, including from the willow tree pictured.

The site is where I live. The piece was completed in one sitting while observing from inside a glassed in porch.


I drew these birds while looking out a window and later referred to the drawing to paint a watercolor. It is about 6″ x 6″.

© 2015 Jennifer Newyear 11" x1 4" Oil on Canvas Plein Air

© 2015 Jennifer Newyear
11″ x1 4″
Oil on Canvas
Plein Air

A year earlier we moved to a property with an established perennial garden. We waited all summer to see if this vine would ever flower. Once the buds appeared, they seemed in no hurry to reveal their true identity. At last the first few flowers popped open. I sat reaching forward with my brush without taking stretching breaks and trying to hold an umbrella stand in place with my foot fighting a gusty wind. The umbrella was to shade my painting and head. I suffered a mild but painful painting injury as a result of this contorted stubbornness.

IMG_6221 IMG_6220 IMG_6223 IMG_6224

Russell Realty in Hudson, OH featured my work in the August 2015 Art Hop, an art walk occurring the 2nd Friday of each month. On display were landscapes and portraits in Oil, Pastel, and Watercolor.


© 2015 Jennifer – Newyear – watercolor, graphite and gouache


© 2015 Jennifer Newyear – watercolor, graphite and gouache


© 2015 Jennifer Newyear – graphite


“Hana” © 2014 Jennifer Newyear 12″ x 16″  Watercolor and Graphite


© 2014 Jennifer Newyear 12″ X 16″ watercolor and graphite